Design Philosophy

ITC is to be a LEED certified


ITC was designed with an inspiring architectural philosophy that blends the modern aesthetic design with touches of originality, keeping the design unique and outstanding

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LEED is one of the world’s highest certifications for green buildings. It means our building has provided world-leading standards in terms of indoor health, environmental friendliness, resource, and energy usage optimization. ITC is designed with increased attention to indoor air quality, with a green area covering the floor and super efficient jet ventilators providing excellent ventilation. The health and comfort of everyone inside are also ensured with drastically low air pollution and particles, ensuring maximum productivity and satisfaction for every moment.

The ITC complex offers superior energy efficiency, with lowered sunlight heat achieved with the tempered glass structure. The water usage efficiency and waste management efficiency are also optimized and monitored

The Perfect Location

The perfect location of the ITC complex says a lot about its future. You can easily see ITC in the center of the new capital, at MU23 district. ITC stands between the R2 and R3 residential districts, overlooking the Green River, the most notorious project in the New Capital and only 800 meters away from the tallest tower in Africa.

About ITC

A Reliable, Luxurious Destination

Offering commercial and administrative units make ITC a fully integrated complex, while reliability comes with a private parking area and an advanced security system. The complex also offers impressive spots of ultimate luxury on the rooftop, with a relaxing, large pool, mini golf, spa, and more, all with sprawling city views.

An Outstanding Iconic Complex

Standing as one of the finest landmarks of the new administrative capital, the complex is built on an 8000 square meter area at the heart of the city. The complex is set to become one of the earliest fully-functioning places at the center of the highly demanded city.

ITC Gallery

ITC Facilities

Admin Reception

Fully equipped shared receptions for the Administrative units prepared to better serve clients and employees.

Meeting & Conference Rooms

Efficient and luxurious meeting & conference rooms with all needed tools and equipment.

Sky Lounge

At our VIP Lounge, you will experience a remarkable and irresistible stay that you can never get enough of.


A wide selection of cuisines colliding from all over the world with outstanding services to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Club House

The Club House is designed and polished with style to guarantee a spectacular view that overlooks the green river and the iconic tower.


Enjoy an atmosphere of self-indulgence with various remedies to refresh your mind, body, and soul.

Infinity Pool

Enjoy a panoramic view where the sky meets the Iconic Tower to paint a beautiful reflection.


Bulk up and stay healthy with a Gym that brings everything you need in one place using robust machines.

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